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Oxygen and energy consumption, the basic calculations

Oxygen and energy consumptionthe basic calculations

  • Estimating oxygen consumption from heart rate and heart rate variability without individual calibration. Smolander et al. 2011. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging. Download abstract.
  • Validation of Heart Rate Monitor-Based Predictions of Oxygen Uptake and Energy Expenditure. Montgomery et al. 2009. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Download.
  • A new heart rate variability-based method for the estimation of oxygen consumption without individual laboratory calibration: Application example on postal workers. Smolander at al. 2007. Download.
  • A Novel Method for Using Heart Rate Variability Data for Estimation of Oxygen Consumption and Energy Expenditure: A Validation. Smolander et al. 2007. ECSS congress. Abstract. Download.
  • Neural Networks for Heart Rate Time Series Analysis. Dissertation. Saalasti 2003. Download.
  • Suunto t6 – A Reliable and Accurate Measuring Instrument for Performance Diagnostics and Training Control. Wünsch et al. university of Bayeroit 2006 report. Download.
  • Suunto t6 –ein zuverlässiges und genaues Messgerät zur Leistungsdiagnostik und Trainingssteuerung? Untersuchung zur Validität und Reliabilität anhand von Labortests auf dem Fahrradergometer und Feldtests. Wünsch et al. 2006. Download reportDownload poster.
  • Examination of Suunto t6 regarding Validity and Reliability. Wünsch et al.2005. Download.
  • Energy expenditure can be accurately estimated from HR without individual laboratory calibration. Pulkkinen et al. 2005. ACSM congress poster. Download.
  • On- and Off Dynamics and Respiration Rate Enhance the Accuracy of Heart Rate Based VO2 Estimation. Pulkkinen et al. 2004. ACSM congress poster. Download.
  • Artefact Correction for Heart Beat Interval Data. Saalasti et al. 2004. Pro Bisi Meeting. Download.
  • VO2 Estimation Method Based on Heart rate Measurement. Firstbeat white paper. Download.
  • An Energy Expenditure Estimation Method Based on Heart Rate Measurement. Firstbeat white paper.Download.

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